Online Sportsbooks Accepting USA Players

There is no question that the popularity of sports betting increases every year, based largely on the fact that the increase in technology can bring betting lines to a bettors fingertips inside their home. No longer is one constrained to Vegas sportsbooks, rather, online sportsbooks all over the world field wagers for just about every sport. The problem for those in the United States looking to gamble online, is that legislation is in place which does not allow gambling sites to operate in the country. Fortunately, USA players can bet at online sportsbooks which operate outside the United States. Now, the first thought for many might be that these types of online sportsbooks are not very legitimate, or might even be shady. That's actually not true at all. Here on this page we address all the issues and concerns surrounding Online Sportsbooks for USA players, making it our mission to bring you the correct information.

Are Online Sportsbooks Legal For US Players?

There are a number of online sportsbooks which operate outside of the United States which cater to players from the United States. In fact, the majority of the ones who operate just outside the country, such as Panama or Costa Rica, specifically target bettors from the United States. The short answer is that there are legal online sportsbooks for USA bettors around the world, which offer all of the sports that one would think of when it comes to betting.

Best Sportsbooks For Americans
  • 20% Match To $100
  • 25% Match To $900
  • 50% Match To $200
  • 100% Match To $1,000
  • 25% Match To $900
Best Sports Betting Sites For U.S. Bettors

Ok, so we've established that there are legal online sportsbooks for USA players. So which ones are they? Well, in our reviews, and we've been to just about every sportsbook you can come across, there are certainly some which set themselves apart. Sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline are two of the top-rated sportsbooks that cater to United States sports bettors. To do this, they obviously target mainstream sports in the U.S such as the NFL, college football, NBA, etc. But it's also other factors, such a deposit methods for those in the United States, which makes it easy for players to open and fund an account, just like all the leading online casinos that take USA players. This is discussed in the deposits and withdrawals section further down on the page.

Bovada - Leader In Online Sports Betting In North America

We mentioned Bovada already on this page, and for good reason. Simply put, it's one of the top online sportsbooks for US players out there. Beginning with the sports offered, Bovada will have all Major sports played in the United States, from the NFL, to MLB, NBA, college football, PGA Tour and more. And when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods, Bovada offers several USA Friendly options, making it safe and efficient to both deposit, and receive the payouts from your account. When it comes to an online sportsbook that caters to USA players, it doesn't get much better than Bovada, as their reputation in the industry is highly trusted.

BetOnline - Bonuses Every Time You Make A Deposit Up To $900

BetOnline operates out of Costa Rica, and is one of the most trusted online sportsbooks for U.S players. Offering every sport in the United States, BetOnline has U.S bettors covered with the variety of betting lines that they have. And when it comes to depositing into your account, BetOnline has fast and secure transaction methods. The same can be said for their withdrawal methods as well. Bonuses are also an important part of sportsbook, with BetOnline offering a great deposit bonus of up to 25 percent on every deposit you make up to $900.

WagerWeb - Up To $1,000 Available Via 100% or 200% Match (varying rollover amounts)

WagerWeb is another one of those online sportsbooks that cater to U.S players based out of Costa Rica. WagerWeb has been in the industry for about a decade, and built a solid reputation. They offer all major sports betting odds in the United States and around the world. Whether you are looking for Super Bowl Futures, or weekly college football lines, WagerWeb will have them. When it comes to depositing into your account, WagerWeb offers nearly a dozen types of methods available to do so. And they also have a half-dozen payout methods. If you are a U.S player looking for an online sportsbook, WagerWeb is definitely worth checking out. - Has All The Sports That Americans Want To Wager On is another one of these sportsbooks for U.S players that is among the most trusted in the business. Check out there sportsbook, and you will find a variety of betting odds at your disposal for all of the major sports leagues in the United States. Depositing has been made easy at, with some of the most options available, from a credit card, western union transfer, money order, check and more. And when it comes to the payouts, they offer just about as many options.

5Dimes - Lines From Sporting Events All Over The World Available 24/7

5Dimes sportsbook has been around since 1996, and operates out of Costa Rica. 5dimes might very well offer the most amount of betting lines of any major sportsbooks catering to United States players. The lines are also unique, which you won't be able to find anywhere else. Funding methods for 5Dimes include Credit Cards, money orders, bank to bank, sportsbook to sportsbook, and more. Withdrawing your cashout is also made easy with these electronic options, or a check through the mail.

Online Sportsbook Initial Deposit Bonuses For Sports Betting Accepts USA? Try Sportsbook Today
Up To $100 - 20% Match Bonus Accepts USA. No To NY, UT, MD, WA Residents Bovada Sportsbook
Up To $900 - 25% Match Bonus All 50 States Welcome BetOnline Sportsbook
Up To $500 - 20% Match Bonus All 50 States Welcome 5Dimes Sportsbook
Up To $1,000 - 100% Match Bonus All 50 States Welcome WagerWeb Sportsbook
Up To $900 - 25% Match Bonus All 50 States Welcome
What Can Be Bet On At USA Online Sportsbooks...
  • The first thing that a USA friendly online sportsbook will want to do to attract their players is to obviously offers sports that are popular in the United States. This will be headlined by NFL betting lines, college football, NBA, MLB, Golf and more. However, most of the top online sportsbooks will offer sports betting lines from around the world. There will be straight bets such as game lines and props, as well other types of wagers such as pleasers, teasers and parlays.

    The bottom line here is that there is going to be a way that you want to use to make wagers on whatever matchup when you use any of these books especially at Bovada and BetOnline.

american Sports Betting Deposits
  • One of the most important aspects of an online sportsbook, especially one that accepts USA players, are deposit and withdrawal methods. Afterall, it's why we all gamble right? We want to win money, and then we want to get our money fast. The top online sportsbooks recognize this, and focus a lot of their attention on safe and fast transactions. However, because of the legislation in the United States, depositing into a sportsbook could sometimes have obstacles. For example, some credit cards won't process transactions for online gambling because the banks will not allow that. As such, online sportsbooks will typically offer a variety of Internet payment mediums to make it easy on the player. Different sportsbooks offer different methods though. We detail some of these in our reviews further down on this page.