Online Gambling In The United States

For those of us who enjoy gambling and online gambling, but live in the United States, there are some things that we need to be aware of before and during participation at an online casino, poker site or sportsbook. We get into some of the most important aspect and issues for online gambling as U.S. citizens here on this page, so you have certainly come to the right place if you have some questions that need answered. We break down the different types of online gambling, including the legality of online gambling and its status in the U.S. Get information on casinos, poker sites, and sportsbooks. Also find some of our top-rated online gambling sites for USA players to sign up and play.

Is Online Gambling Legal In The United States?

From the perspective of the player, online gambling is legal in the United States. What is not legal, and what we will explain further down on this page, is the fact that the operation of online gambling sites in the U.S. is illegal. There are several laws banning online gambling site operations, but nothing about the player signing up and playing at online gambling sites outside of the country. There are many online gambling sites that accept USA players, and the player will not be in violation of the law, provided that they are of legal age to gamble in their state, as well as at the website.

Online Gambling Sites That Are Legal For U.S. Players

Below are some of the best gambling sites that our staff uses when it comes time for us to get our own online gaming entertainment. The reason why we suggest these sites is simple... they are safe options that can be relied upon to keep their players from any trouble. We know you can trust them with you personal and financial details which is something that cannot be said about every site in this industry. Stick with what is on this page and you should have no issue.

Legal Casinos That Accept U.S. Players

Online casinos can be found by the dozens and dozens for players who live in the United States. These sites operate all over the world, from Panama and Costa Rica just off the coast, all the way across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. There are some great online casinos for U.S. players run by highly reputable companies. And with online gambling still not regulated in the U.S., companies like RTG and other software providers jump at the chance to market to U.S. players to fill that void.

Lucky Red - Welcomes All Players From U.S. w/ Up To $4,000 Bonus

If you are a USA players looking for an online casino to play, Lucky Red should certainly be one that you consider when signing up and joining. Lucky Red is based out of the UK, having been around since 2004. Lucky Red is a USA friendly online casino, making the sign up process easy. Operating under Real Time Gaming software, Lucky Red Casino is a top-of-the-line online casino with more than 120 games.

There are several USA deposit methods as well, with the use of a Visa or MasterCard accepted, as well as the e-wallet OKPay. A casino bonus of up to $4,000 can be yours as well if you choose to grab the deposit bonus that is offered by the casino.

Legal Sports Betting Sites That Take U.S. Players

Sports in the United States are as popular as ever. The same can be said for sports betting. Even though sports betting is banned, and online sportsbooks are banned, USA players have several outlets to place wagers. They can bet amongst themselves, but they also have the choice to bet at a legal online sportsbook.

Like online casinos, these sportsbooks operate outside of the U.S. as well. When it comes to sports betting, it has the most laws placed against it, and yet for the player it's still perfectly fine to sign up and bet at these offshore sportsbooks. There are some great ones out there which feature betting odds from all of the great leagues like the NFL, college football, NBA, NHL, MLB, college basketball, PGA Tour, and many more.

Bovada - #1 In Odds For American Sports + Accepts Most USA Wagers

Bovada Sportsbook is probably the best online sportsbook for USA players. This is for a couple of reasons. First, it has all of the sports and leagues a U.S. player could want. Second, it has gained a reputation of high-quality over the years as a sportsbook. You combine these factors, with the notion that Bovada also specifically caters to USA players, and you have a winning combination.

Bovada offers first depositors a $250 bonus option to put towards wagers. Place a wager with a Visa Credit card, or a Rapid transfer, with those details available on site. Players in all states except Washington, Maryland, and New York are accepted at Bovada.

Legal Poker Sites That Welcome U.S. Players

Of all the different types of "gambling" sites, it is usually the poker sites who have the most beef with the laws. That's because poker advocates continue to say that poker is a game of skill and not luck. Under the current laws in place in the United States, poker is qualified as gambling. In the future that could potentially change. As it stands now though, poker is grouped under the same category with online casinos and betting on sports.

Poker sites in the U.S used to flourish, until they were shut down due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. You will read more about that Act further down this page. Like casinos and sportsbooks though, there are plenty of legal sites and legal ways to play poker for players in the U.S. as offshore sites.

BetOnline - Lifetime Bonus Offered To Users Living In The U.S.

BetOnline features a great poker section at their site, where players in all 50 states can sign up and join legally. BetOnline offers some great poker games and tournaments to get in every day, and is sure to meet the standards of even the most dedicated poker enthusiasts.

Easy USA deposit methods like Visa, American Express, and a money order are accepted at BetOnline. And then with new poker promotions going on all the time, BetOnline is certainly worth checking out if you live in the U.S. and are looking for somewhere to legally play. A great bonus of up to $900 is offered on every deposit!

How To Ensure That You're Choosing The Right U.S.A. Gambling Site

Within the different online gambling sites, whether you choose to play at a casino, poker site, or sportsbook, you will find general similarities. These include things like the signup process, bonuses that are offered, ways to deposit, ways to get paid out, and things like that. We have several pages which are dedicated to all of these specific sections as they pertain to each online gambling category.

Be sure to check out the rest of the pages throughout our site, because we have some great information on everything you would need to know about online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites.

More Info On USA Gambling Laws

UIGEA of 2006

The UIGEA states that a business cannot knowingly accept a payment for the expressed intent of making or paying out a bet. The UIGEA was an attachment to the Safe Port Act, which ironically enough did not relate to Internet gambling in the slightest, but was an Act that was guaranteed to pass. The UIGEA is the primary piece of legislation responsible for taking down the biggest poker sites in the U.S., and keeping them from operating.

Federal Wire Act

At the time of the Wire Act's introduction back in the 1960's, the target intended was to curtail the way that the mob laundered their money. President Kennedy wanted to prevent the mob from being funded, and striking at gambling seemed like the best way to do that. Now however, a 2011 ruling on the Wire Act stated that it pertains only to betting on sports, leaving out poker and other forms of gambling, like online casinos.


PAPSA was formed in the early 1990's, and was the first piece of legislation to define what sports betting actually was and then effectively outlawed the practice of it. There were certain stipulations which allowed states with sportsbooks dating back to a 10-year period with licenses to get around this, for which a few states took that option. Nevada was a state left off of the ban to begin with however. PAPSA is still a defining piece of legislation against betting on sports in the United States.

What Is The Legal Gambling Age?

There is no federal gambling age in the United States. That is decided by the states. Typically states will set their legal gambling age at either 18 or 21. Different states have different ages. To find your state gambling age, simply consult your local state laws or ask you local government. It's also important to note that gambling sites will stipulate their legal gambling age as well. However, your state's gambling age will supersede the online gambling sites age. Both gambling ages need to be met.

State Gambling Laws In The U.S.

Different states will also have different, and sometimes even obscure gambling laws. It's impossible to go down the list and talk about all of them, but they can be found by consulting your local government laws.